Sunday, July 20, 2014

Shiny Internet Marketing Products

A lot of people suffer from "Shiny Product Syndrome" in which they covet something before it is in their possession, but once it is, it isn't that exciting anymore and if it is, that excitement never seems to persist for very long.

Ironically enough, Internet Marketing Products, or products that are not tangible and cannot be seen on shelves in the store seem to yield more victims of Shiny Product Syndrome than any other product on the market. Sites like Warrior Plus and JVZoo clearly reveal that this products absolutely sell like hot cakes and yet they are usually nothing more than an Ebook or Video Course. In fact, the "shiniest" they will ever really get is in the form of digital software because that's kind of like software that's sold in a box and placed on a shelve... I guess?

Funny thing... it doesn't even come in a box!
I really wanted to find out why digital products sold at such an impressive rate, so I decided to do my own research. The first thing I did was find a website that published Internet Marketing product reviews and gather some "intel" on the nature of these products. Why do people spend so much money on them? After spending some time with my research, I believe I was able to come up with some reasonable conclusions.

First of all, Internet Marketing is all about making money and marketing. I discovered that Internet Marketers spend a lot of time building visually appealing Sales pages that are designed to make the reader believe they need to have this product to be successful with their online businesses.

They speak to the "starving crowd" and in this case the starving crowd is represented by lots and lots of people in all age groups that are trying to cash in on the Internet because at this point it's no secret that While I do not own any Internet Marketing products myself, I would be willing to bet that tons of money is being spent online at every second!

But almost every Internet Marketer can and will struggle at first. If the publisher, creator, or developer of an Internet Marketing product can sell each aspiring Internet Marketer on the belief their product can and will result in making lots of money, they are going to convert a sale each and every time.

You see, a Gucci handbag is not about making money, but every single Internet Marketing product is directly or indirectly related to making money, and a product that is convincingly effective in making money will obviously sell at a better rate than anything else.

So I believe this is the main factor:

Internet Marketing products sell at a jaw-dropping rate because they are all about making money which is something that everyone wants to do, whether they are already making money or not!

In my opinion, there are other factors as well, but these factors are non-specific to Internet Marketing products. For example, there is a certain convenience associated with shopping online and being able to purchase an item that is delivered instantly without processing time or shipping time. When you buy an Ebook or Video Course, they are delivered to you via e-mail instantly in most cases which means you can dive in to that money making goodness right away which is very appealing as well.

Also worth noting, while I haven't been serious about online marketing myself in quite some time, reading through product sales pages for the purpose of my study almost sucked me in to purchasing some of these products because they included seemingly real testimonials and proof of earnings that every prospective buyer wants to see.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bit of a Surprise

If you purchased Bitcoin in April 2013 after it's parabolic rise to $240 per unit and subsequently dropped to under $100 within a day, hopefully you were patient and held on to your digital currencies. As of today, it appears that - at the very least - you will be able to break even on your investment, after all.

1 year bitcoin chart
Mt. Gox (USD) Unit Price of Bitcoin between 10/22/2012 and 10/22/2013 (

The chart displayed above shows the unit value of Bitcoin in the past year.  You can see the formation of an incredible bubble between March and early April.  At the time, the media helped to create a frenzy over Bitcoin, and everyone knew the bubble would have to "burst" at some point, but the question was always: "When?" Almost as soon as Bitcoin received national attention in the mainstream and even came out with its own debit card, it took a dive.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Full Speed Ahead! All posts restored at

Just a quick announcement of some good news for all of our readers.  A few weeks have passed since Nickolai Gibson's departure from and it's been my pleasure to inherit such a unique blog with lot's of cool content, but quite the process to restore well over 500 posts to the blog.  That process is officially complete and you can now find all of your favorite posts from 2008 to 2013 (if you have any).  The next step is to restore all pages of Tube Blogger including the Guest Blog feature that some of you have inquired about.  I do not anticipate that will take nearly as long as it did to restore 500+ blog posts, so if you are waiting for an update regarding Guest Blogging, my advice is to keep checking back every day this week.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Funny Banned TV Commercials

Funny, Stupid and Banned TV Commercials part 1

Why were these TV commercials banned?
Perhaps it's the sexual innuendo, or alcohol references. Bud and Heineken seems to get into trouble a lot.
Check them out for yourself, the rest of the videos are below. Some of the videos might be blocked in your country, hopefully not banned from Youtube by the time you're reading this post, I noticed some music groups have added their copyright claim on these videos already.