Privacy Policy

Here at TubeBlogger we respect your privacy.

Whether you use our service as a blogger, content provider, commenter, or a visitor - no information will be released about the nature of your visit without your permission.
When you submit content to TubeBlogger, the name and link(s) you provide will be visible.

Statistical Data

Here at TubeBlogger we use Google Analytics to count the visitors, for statistical purposes. We only use a standard setup of the Google Analytics tool, which collects information about your visit. Including, but not limited to, your browser type, pages visited on TubeBlogger, time spent on page, what page led you here, and country and city of origin. Unless you wish to share in a comment, forum, or guest post on our site, we do not collect nor reveal any private information, names, or addresses from our visitors.

Your Writings on TubeBlogger

When writing a comment, or sending an article to TubeBlogger you are required to add a name with your message. The name and any public links you provide will be visible to visitors of the TubeBlogger site. And you must follow our Terms of Service, which includes our right to republish, edit, and re-purpose the material. You are responsible for the validity and accuracy of the content you provide, as well as the name you provide. We do not attempt to verify your identity except in the case of a dispute.

Advertisement on TubeBlogger

Advertisements are automatic and do not reflect the views of the blog owner nor any of the writers.
The advertisement networks we use, such as Google and Amazon, may use and collect statistical data, and cookies (data provided by your web browser) to give you relevant advertisement.

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