Terms of Service

When you submit content to TubeBlogger you agree to the terms of service guidelines listed below.
Whether your content is in the form of a video, article, or comment, we consider this "using our service".

To use our service you must agree to:

  1. Allow TubeBlogger exclusive right to edit, repurpose, and share your content. While you will retain your authorship links, and your chosen links, on the original article (on TubeBlogger.net).
  2. Comply with the laws of your country, and United States Law; and not participate in, nor spread any illegal activities.
  3. Not post material that is pornographic in nature. Or that can be harmful, insulting, racist, derogatory, or threatening towards any of the readers or commenters on TubeBlogger.
  4. Not link to any such material.
  5. Not post any copyrighted material without permission.
  6. Include any attributions, names, or links that are required for material you use in articles, videos, or comments.
  7. Be held responsible for the validity and accuracy of the content you provide. That the names and information of people and places are accurate. As well as the links.

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